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Catrin Skött

Stella polaris- Photo posters NEW

Stella polaris- Photo posters NEW

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The original painting is painted with acrylic paint on canvas 40x40 cm.

Channeled text from Archangel Gabriel: The board is like a transmitter where you release bubbles, release and clear old. Like a car wash where you wash away old dust and dirt that you've been through, accumulated during the rides in different weather. A cleansing process that cleanses and frees you so that you can be on earth but not "pulled down" by the old but calibrated, stabilized "down" In other words stand firmly on the earth while you live here, like grounding and grounding in a level to. Get balance "up" and "down". /Archangel Gabriel

Channeled text from Metatron: The painting symbolizes the cycles of life seen from a cosmic perspective. A "portal" to a new time for you on earth, a new timeline. You get past , or enter through a passage. Opens up or accesses a new view. Like reading a new chapter in a book. You have read it before and are hungry for something new. A new phase is available when you are ready for it and is drawn to the board. Like a book on the bookshelf that was there but you didn't read. Now you see it (if you are drawn to it) and are ready to learn, experience something new."All roads lead to Rome" All openings in the Merkaban lead to the innermost. You have the free choice to approach life from the angle you have. All roads lead "home" You have your free choice, but the openings are always there for you to go "into". There is always an opening/entrance for everyone no matter what we choose. You are always welcome to take the creator's hand/help no matter what. So now my friend, open the door/portal and enter. Take my hand because I'm always with you Welcome to a new dimension, point of view in life. /Metatron


We use 275g/m² premium photo paper for all our photo poster prints. The laboratory quality paper gives your images an unbeatable clarity and depth. Meanwhile, the elegant matte finish adds a touch of vintage style that blends beautifully with monochrome images. The photo poster is reassuringly robust yet very light.

Sent in robust packaging that protects the item.

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