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Catrin Skött



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Puzzle with motifs from the painting "Blueprint"
With a puzzle, time with family or yourself will take on a whole new emotional dimension! If you're looking for an engaging family experience, a puzzle is the best way to get quality time together enriched with stories as the puzzle begins to take shape!
An excellent mix of a photo decoration and a leisure activity. The finished photo mosaic is also displayed as a regular wall painting. This puzzle has the following features:
Great puzzle experience for both young and old with 1000 pieces
Wonderful colors and a nice, glossy surface.
Made of solid cardboard.

Blueprint. The original painting is painted with acrylic on canvas 210x160 cm.

You are surrounded by everything in eternity Neutral in the stillness, the stillness eternity beyond time and space. The zero point position where everything is. The dance of life is an opportunity to try creation, to create freely in all forms.
Nature is one with everything, in the "empty" space in between there is room for creation much like if you went up on a stage and presented what you want to try to create (can be seen as a life) like a holographic film.
Nature is the fabric of life that holds everything together and provides a stage with backdrops for your life to play out in. You yourself are the spectator in the play of your life. You get to try out for the roles you want. Earth offers this opportunity. In the neutrality of the stillness is where the essence of you is. The blueprint. There you are like a "pixel" of colors that mixes with everyone else's "pixels" and is one with everything that creates. For you are the creator. When all "pixels" (people) create from pure love and joy, everything is in harmony. That is where creation wants to go.

The center of the torus is a holographic heart,
meaning that this point or moment of time and space
connected with all other points in time and space,
where all parts are united
where all dimensions are interconnected.


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Rays of love collection

On the canvas, eyes, figures and symbols appear in different colors and shapes.
I am busy with time to paint what wants to appear on the canvas.

It is so exciting to see what it will be. Now I just paint. It feels like all the years that I have painted in different materials and techniques to order in my profession as a decorative painter have been a preparation for what now wants to emerge.

That's how the "Rays of Love Collection" came about.