Healing / Medial guidance

Healing / Medial guidance
60-90 min
SEK 1,200 incl. VAT
Chakra balancing / Aura cleansing
60 minutes
SEK 900 incl. VAT


Healing/ Medial guidance via phone . Book yourself in the calendar or get in touch and we will agree on a time.

You can book via email or phone +4676-2464639 .

Payment is via Card, Klarna, Swish 1236437336 or cash.



 Healing can help the body release tension, blockages, and counteracting fatigue caused by negative stress. Because healing contributes to increasing resistance to this, it therefore strengthens the body's psyche and soul's natural healing processes.

For the healing you will sit or lie in a comfortable position, relax and open your mind to receive what you need at this time. I act as a channel / vehicle to convey the universal loving healing energy.
If you want, some personal / medial guidance is also included depending on what has been channeled. You are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions.
Most often I mix these forms of healing based on what is needed most for YOU right now!


How does Medial Guidance work?

  • I "connect" myself to the spirit world as well as to the person who seeks my help.
  • There is nothing threatening about the spirit world, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand what they want to convey. There I can help you find answers through Medial Guidance.
  • The messages are conveyed to me with inner images, words, and feelings. The spirit world knows everything about us, they are with us all the time.
  • I can only give medial guidance, not tell you how YOU should choose, the final answers always lie with YOU.
  • Nothing is communicated about accidents, illnesses & death. Nor about gambling, lottery winnings, stocks or the like.
  • As a medium, I have a duty of confidentiality.
  • I do not read from a person who is not present, or read from someone without their consent.


Divine Oneness

Healing (60-90 min)

Can also be obtained via TELEPHONE

You have the power to change your life regardless of what you've been through in the past. If you are open to removing what limits and hinders you, your healing can begin.

When I work with "Divine Oneness" healing I go through many aspects of your energy field. Watching:

  • your chakra systems
  • your light bodies
  • your grounding in higher dimensions and much more

My task is to restore and raise the frequency of what is damaged and blocked, which means I transform all the lower frequencies that are made visible to us during the course of the work.

Often I can tell you how the blockages have arisen and how you may feel when they are healed.

During the healing, you as a client are involved. For example, you may need to break contracts or transform beliefs that limit you and make your everyday life unnecessarily limited.

During the session we are guided by your and my Higher Self.

The work always takes place based on the Highest Light and the Highest Truth.

The healing method is recognised, used, and appreciated by healers worldwide. It has its roots in ancient mystery schools and was developed by Amorah Quan Yin. You can read her book, Pleadian workbook- Awakening your divine KA.

The healing method has been developed and refined by Ulla Anderên who has taken the method to Sweden and named it Divine Oneness, which is part of the global network Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.

Graduated in:

* Divine Oneness 1, 2 & 3

* Opening Ka Channels

* Certified teacher of Divine Oneness


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a very quiet form of healing where the healer keeps his hands on the body, or at a short distance, and lets the spirit world convey healing energy to where it is most needed.

You may sometimes experience a sense of peace or deep relaxation during this time. 

In spiritual healing you can get help from guides, spiritual guides, those who are close to you on the other side, or all of the above. This suits most people, especially if you experience physical difficulties, discomfort, stress or mild anxiety.
Please note that healing is not a substitute for regular medical care but a complement. If you have physical or mental problems, you should always see a doctor first.
I pass on what I get to help you, but whether or how you use it is your own choice and responsibility.


Chakra balancing / Aura cleansing

(60 minutes)

Sometimes you’d like a healing session to balance and / or clear out something you feel is bothering you.
A chakra balancing aims to get your energies started so they may create the best conditions for the body, psyche and life. Much like servicing a car.
Aura cleansing is about removing energies that are not yours, or energies that are disturbing your energy field.
We can often accumulate such energies in everyday life and carry them around unconsciously.
Getting rid of these makes you feel more focused and present in life.


Experience after the treatment/feedback from the client

Hello again Catrin!

I just wanted to give you an update from the healing. I wrote down most of what you said during the treatment and maybe it wasn't really clear there and then everything that was said but I wrote it down as a note to self. Now two months later I went through the listings and just say wow! So much has happened, both internally and externally if you say, big changes in just two months and these changes match exactly what you said during the healing. So I just wanted to say thanks and notice you're doing a great job! I'm very glad we got in touch with each other and I highly recommend you to anyone who needs help on a deeper level, thanks again! / Sara


Self-love is the beginning of a lifelong romance"
(Oscar Wilde)
See experiences "good" or "bad" as experiences collected in books in your own library.
"Man today can travel as far as the moon. But the longest journey we can make is the one between the head and the heart."
(Jan Oleby 1937)

Retreat-recovery in Siljansro

Get away from the noise of everyday life for a moment in silence, peace and harmony. Find yourself back at my farm by Siljan's beach. Here you meet Dalarna, lake Siljan and nature in a unique cultural area outside Rättvik in a simple summer cottage environment.

You stay overnight in simple accommodation including a with 1 1/2 hours of medial guidance/healing according to an agreed time. You have the opportunity to be on the farm, have a sauna, swim, row, walk or be in silence. You are responsible for your own food.
We can pick you up and drop you off at Rättvik's train/bus station, which is 10 km from the farm, if desired.

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