Catrin Skött

On the canvas, eyes and figures appear in different colors and shapes. It is so exciting to see what it will become. It feels like all the years that I have painted in different materials and techniques to order have been a preparation for what now wants to emerge. That's how "Rays of love collection" came about. As many people wanted to buy the paintings, my husband Andrés Skött photographed all my art so that more people can share them through various products with motifs from my paintings in the webshop. Fine art print, posters, pillows and more.

Creativity and curiosity have always been with me in one way or another, started an art school in 1995 followed by decorative painting courses and an internship at a conservation company. Has been employed for 20 years as a decorative painter and colorist at one of Stockholm's largest painting companies.

The Royal Palace in the Old Town, the Royal stable, Sagerska house, Rosenbad, Gripsholm Castle, the Great Church, the National Museum of Natural History are some of the places I have done decorative painting.

When I started my own company in 2019, the joy of creation gained new momentum. I "just do", paint to curiously see what appears on the canvas. As I do when I when I give mediumistic guidance and healing or channel via writing. I have written a book channeled through Archangel Gabriel in which the paintings are included called "An easier way to go" which is published by Publishing house Siljans måsar.

What I do has nothing to do with any particular religion or belong to any category. I speak from my innermost being and the truth I myself have come to know by searching for answers in my innermost being. When we peel back all our layers and let silence be our guide, we have the opportunity to discover the light that lives within each of us. On my life's journey I am now exploring that light which brings me true joy.

I have recently completed a mission for Gripsholm Castle  through the Statens Fastighetsverk where I painted/recreated a silk wallpaper for the Queen's small cabinet which is now available for the public to see at the palace.

During the summers, I hold courses in Mandala painting and Vedic Art on my farm outside Rättvik by lake Siljan's beach, otherwise in Stockholm. There, for a couple of days, we share the silence and the joy of creation without any demands. You can book your appointment for summer course 2024.


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