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Catrin Skött

Recovery with painting & meditation at Siljan, 2 days course SEK 2800 1-2 August

Recovery with painting & meditation at Siljan, 2 days course SEK 2800 1-2 August

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Welcome to paint without performance in silence with or without prior knowledge of painting with Malene Särmark and Catrin Skött at Siljan's beach in a summer cottage environment.

You can choose to go two or five days.

Malene starts the morning with a guided meditation, then Catrin shows painting materials and how to paint a mandala in acrylic. You are also free to paint what you want, we set up a table with paint, brushes, tools and inspirational books. You will be guided and guided. Find a home for yourself with the help of meditation, painting and hanging out in nature without demands.

Malene stands for meditations and talks about the importance of recovery and is
Holistic Certified Recovery Therapist
Certified Relaxation masseur
Graduated Touch Pedagogue

In my meditations, you are guided in letting go of judgment and becoming the observer, getting in touch with the body again after usually living up in the head as a main footing.
You get help via the meditations to quiet the mind and bring you home, to take control of the mind through the breath when the thoughts are shining, to breathe in awareness.
Breathing is the bridge between body and mind.

Catrin guides and guides you in the painting studio. Read more on the "About me" page

Working with the right hemisphere can be beneficial because it is where creativity and holistic thinking is centered, it is responsible for creativity, which can be useful in art and design, music and writing, it processes intuition and emotions.
When we paint, we need to let go of the idea of ​​performance and paint freely from our inner self, when we come into contact with our right hemisphere, we also come into contact with the soul, our inner truth and our true self, we end up in the flow in the present in the experience.
This creates a better balance between being and doing.

Course information

Location: Stumsnäs see (map) . (We can pick you up at Rättvik train/bus station upon arrival and departure if you wish)

Time : 10.00-17.00 . You are welcome from 09.00. Course start 10.00 Collection and information. The course day ends at 17.00.

This includes: A stretched canvas and paper. Coffee, tea, coffee bread and freshly baked waffles. Paint, brushes and materials can be borrowed during the course. There is also some material for sale.

Bring swimwear if you wish to bathe and swim during or after the course. 


A few places with simpler accommodation on the farm are available, whoever books first chooses first. SEK 200/night.

You can sauna, swim, relax or take a walk in the forest before and after the course times. Contact me for more information. There are also hotels or guesthouses nearby, for example "Vikarbygården" or "Backlunds bed and breakfast" in Vikarbyn, 4 km from the farm.

Registration Fee-Payment

Price: You pay your registration fee at the time of booking and the rest on the spot at the start of the course. The registration fee is not refundable because I have so few course places, but if you can find a replacement, they can pay you the amount and thus take over your booking.

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Summer course at lake Siljan