Expressen Klimat och Hälsa om Se Hela Livet

Expressen Klimat och Hälse about Se Hela Livet

On 09/04/2020 there was an article about Se Hela Livet in Expressen Klimat och Hälsa.

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"My passion is to help people find their inner peace, their own tools to regain joy in their lives, in themselves and in their homes. You have the power to change your life! No matter what you've been through before. If you are open to removing what limits and hinders you through Medial guidance/Healing.

When the world around you feels anxious and uncontrollable, then medium guidance/healing can be a way of trying to create balance in your own little world that is closest to you. That which we ourselves can actually influence. This does not mean that we turn our backs on the outside world. But if we create a better balance in our inner world, I am convinced that we can also create an increased balance in our outside world.

Medial Guidance/Healing can help you break old thought patterns, behaviors, fears, physical ailments, stress, burnout, insomnia and habits to replace them with new ones that allow you to become more of who you are deep down. When I work with "Divine Oneness" healing, I go through many aspects of your energy field. Looking at: your chakra systems your light bodies your grounding in higher dimensions and much more. My task is to restore and raise the frequency of what is damaged and blocked, which means I transform all the lower frequencies that are made visible to us during the course of the work. Often I can tell you how the blockages have arisen and how you may feel when they are healed. During the healing, you as a client are involved. For example, you may need to break contracts or transform beliefs that limit you and make your everyday life unnecessarily limited. You can also get in touch with those who have left the earthly life. During the session we are guided by your and my Higher Self. The work always takes place based on the Highest Light and the Highest Truth. The healing method is used by recognized and appreciated healers worldwide. It has its roots in ancient mystery schools and was developed by Amorah Quan Yin. Read her book Pleadian workbook- Awakening your divine KA. The healing method has been developed and refined by Ulla Anderên who has taken the method to Sweden and named it Divine Oneness, which is part of the global network Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School.

It is amazing to be able to help people change their lives positively through Medial guidance/healing.

Healing can help the body release tension and blockages, counteracting fatigue caused by negative stress.

There are many of us who go around carrying ideas about ourselves and life that do not really belong to us or are our real truth, but which are in fact superimpositions from the environment and other people's opinions. These ideas about ourselves and reality often become limitations for us and how we choose to live our lives.

I also hold painting courses in Vedic Art and Mandala painting etc. It's so nice to meet people through the interest in creating freely based on curiosity and joy in color and form, regardless of whether you've painted before or are a beginner. To paint together with others in silence interspersed with conversation. Some find friends for life. See more at ."

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